The vision La Dora has of quality is manifested in the satisfaction of the clients as well as all other parties involved – partners, employees, suppliers, credit institutions and the community where the company operates. Such objective is pursued with entrepreneurial determination and constant availability of the necessary resources. LaDora believes quality to be a fundamental factor of success. From product to service, it is committed to the promotion of its aim and scrupulously monitors the various phases of production along with the fulfilment of customer satisfaction. The same vision is shared by all the departmental managers whose common responsibility towards the company commits them to making it the leader in the sector.

La Dora is a dynamic company that studies the evolution of the market and is continuously pursuing more effective technical solutions. We have always paid great attention to new technologies and market trends in design and are ready to meet all of our clients’ wishes. This is why our products are always avant-garde and of the finest quality, in order to satisfy the highest demands. La Dora machines have been planned to be easy to use and require simple maintenance.

In compliance with EU and international law, the top La Dora machines have been awarded international CB Scheme certifications by independent certifying bodies. Keeping the client as the main reference of the company, attention to quality and the interest in our stakeholders are the factors that have gained us the new and prestigious ISO 9001:2015 quality system certification.

La Dora strongly believes in respecting the environment and follows all policies regarding the impact of manufacturing; in fact, our activities move at the same pace.


Certificazione Iso-9001-2015