Two brothers, one dream: the company has evolved from the workshop and the 8B brand they created, inspired by their father’s passion and mastery, with more than thirty years of experience in the field. La Dora is now a fully-fledged industry. Its premises are located near the Dora Baltea, a river that flows from the melting of the glaciers into powerful waters that rumble down the heart of the Alps.

A unique feeling is conveyed by the maesty of these places, the security of things that have always been and will endure over time. The machines produced here share some of the finest qualities inspired by life in these mountains, the solidity of tradition and handcrafting experience.

Our products are rigorously Made in Italy, a synonym for quality excellence. The wide range of La Dora coffee machines offers style, technology and resilience. Safe and easy to use, they require simple and rapid maintenance.

A metal suit of armour with an Italian heart made to provide creamy, aromatic espressos of the best quality as well as enhance the exquisiteness of blends. Our passion is in guaranteeing clients with a product of excellence.